CRÈME Project

Communicating the Race Equality Message Effectively (CREME)

This is a three year project, funded by City Bridge Trust as part of its Cornerstone partnership funding.

The CRÈME Project officer delivers ongoing communications support to three of the largest charity organisations in the race equality sector - ROTA, The Runnymede Trust and the Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG).  In addition to this, the project delivers a package of communications and media support services to staff, board members and volunteers of approximately 200 London voluntary organisations over the 3 years of the project which began in July 2019.

The project will enable excluded communities to strengthen their voice and increase their effectiveness in undertaking communications and media engagement work, thereby enabling them to better champion the value that their constituent communities bring to London.

Overarching Responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating and facilitating meetings between partner organisations to respond to local, regional or national issues and opportunities in raising issues of importance to BAME organisations and the people they represent.
  • Working with organisations across London to create campaigns and messages to shift public perceptions.
  • Training and advising 200 London based BAME and race equality organisations in developing their communications skills and profile.

Whilst the lockdown caused by the COVID pandemic has curtailed in person workshops, the CREME Project website has a number of free resources to help you more effectively engage with the media.

Visit our project website HERE to view instructional videos or download PDFs explaining such topics as:

  • planning your media campaign,
  • how to write a press release,
  • and how best to engage on twitter



The CRÈME project website


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