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Members of the Eritrean, Nepalese, Somali and Tamil communities have experienced severe loss and disruption of their lives due to war, civil unrest and...

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This is a three year project, funded by City Bridge Trust as part of its Cornerstone partnership funding.

The CRÈME Project officer delivers ongoing communications support to three of the largest charity organisations in the race equality sector - ROTA, The Runnymede Trust and the Black...

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What is the difference between a formal and an informal exclusion?

We have discovered that there is little awareness amongst young people and their parents on the difference between formal exclusions, which are legal, and informal exclusions, which are not.  In brief, these are the...

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ROTA's Employment Rights project aims to empower BMER communities to come together and find ways of combating workplace exploitation and discrimination through awareness raising, generating discussion, and demonstrating the power of collective action. Through a series of events bringing together...

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The Equality Law Project aims to support frontline organisations to understand and use the Equality Act 2010.  It will do so by:



‘London for All’  can help your organisation strengthen its knowledge and skills, work more effectively and efficiently, deliver more accessible services and better support service users.

The partnership project led by London Voluntary Service Council offers insight and learning from a...

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