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ROTA’s statement on the 2020 A-Level Results

Ever since GCSEs and A levels were cancelled due to the Corona virus lockdown, concerns have been raised about the fairness of replacing them with teacher predicted grades.

Pupils from certain race and ethnicities are often given underpredicted grades for ‘A’ Levels, and since April, ROTA along with other race equality organisations such as Runnymede Trust, the Traveller Movement, and Friends, Families, and Travellers have tried to influence the process of grading and assessments, to ensure equalities considerations are taken into account.

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Coalition for Race Equality statement on the Government’s new Commission on Racial Inequalities

CORE is concerned about the announcement by the Government of a new “crossgovernmental commission” to look into racial inequalities. CORE believes that such a commission can only secure the support of BAME communities and community organisations if there is transparency and accountability about how it is set up, who is involved in it and whether there is a real commitment to carrying out any recommendations that arise from it in a timely fashion.

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ROTA Statement on Black Lives Matter

Race on the Agenda stands in lockstep solidarity with the Black community and millions of others across the world who are organising and demonstrating for racial justice, following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

We are campaigning for transformative changes to the systemically racist policing, which infects both the US and the UK. We are also calling for urgent and decisive action to dismantle the wider aspects of structural racism that still blight so many Black people’s lives in so many different ways.

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Covid19 Relief Art

We at ROTA are proud to support Art & Co . - the world’s largest online auction to raise funds to help those affected by the coronavirus contagion, run out of London. The auction closes on June 27, 7pm.

42 artists have joined seven charities to fight the seen and unseen effects of the coronavirus: domestic violence, illnesses and mental health. If you care. Be there.

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