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Where does the persecution of slang come from and why does it continue?

Hood’, ‘ghetto’, ‘unprofessional’ are just a few of the phrases that have been used to describe the vernacular commonly used by young people from inner-city areas.

In 2021, a South London school came under criticism for trying to ban slang words such as ‘bare’ and ‘innit’ from being used in school.

The Continued Importance of Holocaust Memorial Day

On January 27th, coinciding with the date of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 1945, Holocaust Memorial Day (which started in 2001) provides an annual opportunity to not only commemorate the Holocaust, but also to renew our opposition to all forms of racism.

Commemorating the Holocaust inevitably brings up many issues, such as treatment of those fleeing oppression today, how such commemorations might impact on black/Jewish relations and what is the role of memorialising in our society?

Time to Shut Up! Racism, Royalty and the limitations of Britishness

Meghan’s Blackness has lost its sparkle even quicker than I originally envisioned when I wrote an initial comment piece shortly after the royal wedding. As I alluded to at the time and reiterate here, the sparkle of Meghan’s Blackness could not last because at its core Britain is an institutionally racist country.


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