Theresa May’s mental health act reform: Warm words but scant action

You may well have missed it under the Brexit deluge but Theresa May announced a major reform of the Mental Health Act this month – the first for 30 years.

She had commissioned Sir Simon Wessely, Regius Professor of Psychiatry at King’s College London and president of the Royal Society of Medicine to examine the legal state of Britain’s mental health system.

His report came out earlier this month. Frankly it is full of warm words but proposes scant action and dumps the problem of better treatment for mental health patients on the NHS.

AVOCADO+ Accelerator Programme


What matters most to the non-profit is having a well organised operation that can respond to contingencies when they hit.

Money4YOU's centrepiece programme for Non-Profits, the AVOCADO+ Accelerator Programme is demonstrably effective in this way, with a clear ambition supported by a set of pre-defined and concrete actions.

A powerful programme that reminds us why good instruction matters.

Specifically, the programme focuses on delivering operational efficiencies and funding successes within Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic and Refugee Charities and Social Enterprises.

New evidence on informal exclusions

Since 2012 ROTA has been gathering evidence on informal school exclusions - and its various guises such ‘off rolling’ and ‘home schooling’ -  to the detriment of pupils and their families who have experienced this. We also have evidence that young BAME pupils may be disproportionately affected.  It comes as no surprise to ROTA that not only is this practice continuing in 2018 but may be increasing. 


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