A CALL TO ACTION – The Equality Act 2010 is under threat!

The Red Tape Challenge website, a Coalition initiative to review 'unnecessary bureaucracy' and reduce 'burdensome red tape', is asking the public to consider whether the brand new Equality Act 2010 should be scrapped.

ROTA is deeply concerned that any further changes to the Equality Act 2010, especially in a period of austerity and uncertainty, will hurt the most vulnerable people in our society. We urge everyone to go to the site and comment on why you think the Act should be kept or strengthened.

From 9 June – 30 June, the Red Tape Challenge will spotlight the Equality Act 2010. There are now six questions on specific sections of the Act, asking whether these sections should be scrapped, merged, simplified, improved or left as it is. Even if you have commented previously, it is critical to visit the site and respond to these six questions during this spotlight period. ROTA has produced a response here, which you can use.

What YOU can do to have your say

Go to the Red Tape Challenge website now and express your views on the potential removal of all or parts of the Act.