Race on the Agenda: Supplement 31 (Winter 2007) Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System


  1. Editorial
    Dr Theo Gavrielides, Head of Policy, ROTA
  2. Culture over Crime: Looking at guns, knives and gangs in a different way
    Carlene Firmin, Building Bridges Project Leader, ROTA
  3. Restorative Justice & Hate Crime: A viable option?
    Babar Khan and Ryan Honeman, ROTA
  4. Human rights: A powerful tool to combat prejudiced-based bullying
    Lewis Parle, Youth Empowerment Project Leader, IARS
  5. Partnership work to address hate crime using mediation
    Elena Noel, Hate Crime Project Manager, Southwark Mediation Centre
  6. Partnership Work between Police and Voluntary & Community Sector Organisations
    Rick Allard, Operations Manager, Safer London Foundation
  7. The role of Respect in race equality, social justice and criminal justice
    Omar Khan, Research & policy Analyst, Runnymede Trust
  8. Multiple Descrimination and Hate Crime: An LGBT BAME account
    Deborah Gold, Chief Executive, Galop
  9. Addressing Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System
    Neena Samota, Policy and Research Manager, NACRO
  10. Refrecting on the Race Duty and its Implication for Criminal Justice
    George Mills, Senior Policy & Programmes Adviser, Commission for Racial Equality
  11. The Prevention of Violence in our Society: Getting to the roots of the problem
    Sean Cameron, Child and Education Psychologist, University College London
  12. Restorative Approaches in Education: Tackling prejuduce-based bullying
    Luke Roberts, Restorative Approaches Co-ordinator, Lambeth Council
  13. Impetus Awards, Institute for Global Ethics UK Trust – Impetus Youth Programme
    Lorna Robins, England Co-ordinator


The Role of Respect in Race Equality, Social Justice and Criminal Justice

Omar Khan, Research and Policy Analyst, Runnymede Trust

For those fearful of today's British youth, a common refrain is that they fail to show due respect to their elders. A perceived "lack of respect" is, however, not limited to editorial diatribes against young people. Various groups, including young people, feel disrespected or "dissed" by fellow citizens. The government has waded into this confusion by developing a 'Respect Action Plan'. While this document seeks to justify policy in the name of respect more generally, the government's concern for respect has more prominently linked itself to the notion of anti-social behaviour. Critics of such a policy then also charge the government with failing to respect the rights of its citizens…


Addressing Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System

Neena Samota, Policy and Research Manager, NACRO

Disproportionality, or disproportionate representation, based on ethnicity is a core challenge for the criminal justice system (CJS) in England and Wales. The Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) report on Young Black People and the Criminal Justice System, published in May 2007, succinctly concluded that…