Race on the Agenda (Summer 2011) Agenda 35


  1. Welcome, Elizabeth Henry
  2. From the editor, Joy Francis
  3. Policy: Where's the fairness?, Anthony Salla
  4. Localism: Making race equality local, Omar Khan
  5. Education: Unequal attainment, Barbara Nea
  6. Prisons: No sign of change, Olga Heaven MBE
  7. Public health: Health check, Joy Francis
  8. Violence against women: Not in my name, Hannana Siddiqui
  9. Social impact bonds: Pursuing the benefits of bonds, Neil Reeder


Policy: Where’s the fairness?

Anthony Salla

After being in power for just over a year, the coalition government has been accused of adopting a 'slash and burn' approach to reform with little evidence of fairness. Anthony Salla expresses concern at the 'bells of injustice' that are chiming loudly in the ears of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and third sector organisations as they navigate uncertain waters…

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Prisons: No sign of change

Olga Heaven MBE

Female foreign nationals who end up in prison are a forgotten minority. Media negativity and disinterest from the coalition government means that these women’s human rights are compromised, exposing them to an increased likelihood of reoffending, warns Olga Heaven.

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