Race on the Agenda (Autumn 2012) Agenda 36


  1. Welcome, Elizabeth Henry
  2. The learning environment: Repeat after Cornwell West, Ryan Mahan, Project Office, ROTA
  3. Young people: Back to the basement: racism and young people in London schools, SE1 United
  4. Parents: Education and Black middle class parents: racism exists regardless of class, Dr Nicola Rollock, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
  5. Voluntary and community sector: Shaping the future: race and racism in 21st century schools, Barbara Nea, Senior Policy Officer, ROTA
  6. Policy: Classical civilisations, the London Inquiry and the continued ambiguity about race, Debble Weekes-Bernard, Senior Research & Policy Analyst, Education, Runnymede Trust
  7. The riots, one year on: Where now the Big Society: some reflections, Karl Murray, Head of Employment and Research, Black Training & Enterprise Group (BTEG)
  8. ROTA research: Free schools, Emma Rees and Manuel Casertano, Volunteers, ROTA
    Race inequality and primary education, Billy Wong, Volunteer, ROTA
    ESOL, Eleanor Stokes, Volunteer, ROTA