Healthy, Mobilised and BAME

The project aim

“Healthy, Mobilised and BAME” is a three year project funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund (Reaching Communities) that started in September 2012. Healthy, Mobilised and BAME aims to increase the capability of BAME communities to improve their mental health and well-being, by being actively engaged in defining and meeting their needs and to develop sustainable improvements in the ways that mental health services understand and relate to BAME users.

ROTA is delivering Healthy, Mobilised and BAME with three key partner organisations: Equals CIC, Helplink and Tamil Community Centre.

ROTA is delivering Healthy, Mobilised and BAME with three key partner organisations: Equals CIC, Helplink and Tamil Community Centre. 

Equals CIC is based in Tottenham, Haringey. Equals provides training, consultancy, advocacy and support which promote social inclusion and increased employment for disabled people.

We dismantle and negotiate barriers, working with disabled people across the spectrum – which includes people with mental health issues, learning difficulties, sensory impairment, chronic illness and physical impairment.

We are experienced professionals, working in a way that engages people and focuses on practicalities, problem solving and real long term solutions. Our interventions are invaluable in enhancing the delivery of services that disabled people use.

These include: Health and social care, mental health and addiction and business and management.

For more information about Equals visit their webpage here.

HelpLink is based in Southall, Ealing and was established to assist, educate and empower vulnerable sections of the ethnic minority community. Operating mainly within Ealing, Helplink are especially supportive to newly arrived and settling communities from South Asia, with an endeavour to help individuals to have a dignified life. Services provided by Helplink include English language lessons, basic IT and a helpdesk.

For more information about Helplink please visit their webpage here.

Tamil Community Centre (TCC) is based in Central Hounslow. TCC aims to improve the quality of life for people predominantly from the Tamil Community in the United Kingdom. TCC aims to foster good community relations between people of all races and provide a community centre supporting everyone. TCC advises the community on community on health and well-being through social, education, leisure and dance activities. A further aim of TCC is to assist Tamil community who are suffering from financial hardship, sickness & distress by providing advice, information and welfare. TCC works with children, young adults and elderly through language class, mother & toddle groups.

For more information about TCC please visit their webpage here


100 BAME mental health service-users have improved practical life skills to be more independent and less isolated.


50 BAME mental health service-users have improved mental health and have taken positive steps towards recovery.


80 BAME mental health service-users have improved communication skills and capability to shape the delivery of mental health services.


100 BAME community members with poor mental health have increased confidence and reduced fear to access statutory mental health services.

A range of activities have and will be continue to be delivered across the project partnership in each of the three locations across London. Over 150 participants have been involved in activities such as English language provision Sewing and tailoring. Other activities have included cookery, exercise and yoga, head massage, relaxation, welfare support and immigration advice, training on personal budgets and training on mental health and equality legislation. The project partners have also worked with University of East London, UK-Sri Lanka Trauma group and Essex University student to deliver and evaluate work.