A letter home

Guest Blog by Rob Berkeley

Rob Berkeley

ROTA recently commissioned Rob Berkeley to write a position paper on the state of racial justice and equality in the UK. Rob has had a long track record in the race equality sector and until recently was the Chief Executive of the Runnymede Trust.  Rob feels that any such paper should be accessible and  informal rather than dry and statistical so he has written it in the form of a “Letter home” to his parents in Grenada summing up  life for Britain’s black communities in 2014.

We hope you will enjoy reading Rob’s “letter home” and will use the detailed footnotes which provide concrete evidence for all of his conclusions. We want to use this letter as the start of a wide conversation about how to get the subjects of race and racism back on the agenda and how to develop responses to the many issues and problems that Rob sets out. Please let us know what you think about the letter which we are publishing on the ROTA blog site so that you can comment on it and we can start the wider conversation.