Lorraine Dongo

Dr. Lorraine Dongo brings a rich blend of local and international experience in promoting justice, citizen engagement, and sustainable development dialogue.

A climate change expert, interdisciplinary researcher, teacher, and practitioner, she has a profound interest in the intersection of climate change, urban development, sustainability, resilience, and policy making. Her work is instrumental in understanding and addressing the challenges of urban and climate risk, particularly in the urbanizing regions of Africa. She focuses on the dynamics of place, actors, finance, power, politics, intersectionality, gender, race, and justice, ensuring a comprehensive approach to these complex issues. 

Her commitment extends to diversity, equity, and inclusion, prioritizing marginalized voices and advocating for their inclusion in decision-making processes.

Dr. Dongo actively contributes her expertise through various platforms and organizations, including Change Climate Futures, Social Entrepreneurs International, and the Society of Gender Professionals’ Gender and Climate Justice Circle. Her global perspective is enriched by her Zimbabwean heritage and her experiences living and traveling across multiple continents.

In addition to her professional endeavors, she is a mentor to young people, a community advocate, a mother, and an enthusiast of nature and travel, embodying a spirit of global citizenship and community engagement.