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Young People Together for Employment Rights workshop

More than a third of Black and Minority Ethnic Refugee (BMER) workers in the UK have faced bullying, abuse and racial discrimination by employers, while BMER young people, in particular, are much more likely to be underemployed and to find themselves in precarious employment (such as zero hours contracts) subject to short-notice hour-reductions. These worrying facts together with the fast-rise of increasingly complex and devious employment practices have informed our objective to address the knowledge-gap BMER young people face upon entering employment and to provide them with the tools to...Read more

HEAR Network: 3 equality events in September - Influencing Public Sector - Mapping and Networks - Collaboration and Partnerships for Equality

HEAR (the Human Rights and Equalities Network) will be holding 3 major equality events in September to showcase and celebrate the end of its Bridge funding from City Bridge Trust. Learn from the work we have done on the Way Ahead with our City Bridge grant funding.

Friday 7 th September 2018, 9.30am-1.15pm , London's Living Room, City Hall - Working for Equality with the GLA and Statutory Sector colleagues: Achievements and the Way Ahead for Influence in Decisions and Policy

Come along to the fantastic environment of London's Living Room at the top of...Read more