The Equality Act came into force in October 2010, with the general public duty expected to follow in 2011 with the aim of harmonising discrimination law and strengthening the law to support progress on equality. The Equality Act will replace all existing equality legislation consolidating nine main pieces of discrimination legislation, ranging in time from the Equal Pay Act 1970 to the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007. The revised public sector duties will come into force in April 2011 and the remainder of the Act being implemented throughout 2012 and 2013.

MiNet have been working to raise awareness amongst London's BAME Third Sector surrounding the introduction of the Equality Act whilst also representing the needs of London's BAME population by engaging in consultation processes. This has included:

  • Equality Act 2010 (October 2010)- MiNet and ROTA information and dissemination event
  • Consultation Response (August 2010): MiNet and ROTA partnership response to the consultation on the Mayor of London's Race Equality Scheme.
    Download the response here.
  • Consultation Response (April 2010): MiNet's Response to EHRC Single Equality Bill Guidance for Employers.
    Download the response here.
  • Consultation Response (September 2009): MiNet response to The Equality Act 2010 – framework for services and public functions guidance.
    Download the response here.
  • Consultation Response (September 2009): MiNet's Response to CapacityBuilders draft Single Equality Scheme
    Download the response here.
  • Equality Act Updates (July 2009 – Sept 2010)
    Download the response here.

MiNet have provided some resources here which you may find useful for understanding changes taking place.

Frequently asked questions and what you need to know as voluntary organisations here.

Guidance for employers, workers, service providers, service users and education providers here

You can also access a range of updates and briefings from ROTA's national "Winning the Race Coalition".

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