Dr William Ackah Lecturer in Community and Voluntary Sector Studies at Birkbeck College University of London ROTA Trustee
Dr Tele Amuludun Senior Lecturer University of Chichester ROTA Trustee
Dr Ibidun Fakoya University College London ROTA Trustee
Sinclair Coward Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Social Sciences, Ladbroke House, London Metropolitan University Independent
Dr Rob Berkeley Director of Runnymede Trust Independent
Dr Donna Dustin Principal Lecturer, Department of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University Independent
Dr Theo Gavrielides Chief Executive of ROTA Editor-in-Chief

The editorial board of Policy & Race Journal is established by ROTA to be responsible For:

  • the regular and timely production of the professional journal in order to extend knowledge, improve practice and facilitate communication in the field of policy and race. Editorial Board members work actively to:

    1. solicit contributions
    2. identify suitable reviewers
    3. participate as reviewers
    4. provide input on the content and direction of issues
    5. promote the journal extensively
  • the quality of the reviewer panel
  • ensuring that submissions to the journal are dealt with fairly and objectively, and that the guidelines for reviewers are followed
  • developing editorial policies to guide the content, scope, purpose and style of the journal and for ensuring that each edition of the journal is reviewed to ensure adherence to these policies
  • regularly reviewing (annually) and revising as necessary its Terms of Reference
  • developing an annual business plan and budget for the following financial year. This will include the planned number of issues for the year and the planned number of editorial board meetings for the year.