The Horn of Africa Mentoring Scheme 

The Horn of Africa Mentoring Project is a ‘Three Generation Mentoring’ project that would allow professionals and academics from the Horn of Africa and those who are familiar with the region to mentor university students from the region, who will in return mentor secondary school students.

This project arose out of the difficulties that many young people from the region face; which is a network of family and friends who don’t know and understand the education and employment routes in the UK. Many families are often unable to help and guide them and/or provide opportunities for ‘networking’, support, internships and volunteering to enhance their prospects to compete for higher education and job opportunities.

To tackle this, the project would recruit, train and support academics, professionals and entrepreneurs from the region or who have links to the region, to mentor a group of university students. Ideally students would be matched with someone from a similar education or vocation, to help them gain an insight as well as networks through which they could utilise to enhance their prospects (e.g. placements, internships, support with applications and interviews, access to conferences and seminars in the field and volunteering opportunities).

This will be a student-led project but will have the support of both ROTA and DEN.