Vision and Mission

1. Vision - the world we want to see

Together, we will end racism in Britain

The Britain we want to live in, is one where race no longer has a negative impact on the lives of racialised groups. Everyone should be able to engage with, contribute to and benefit from society to their full potential. Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups will be able to focus their energies on thriving, rather than the challenges of racism.

An inclusive, fair and equal society where people from all groups can develop their full potential, and where the voluntary and community sector is fully participating in serving them. 


2. Mission - our role in getting us there

We work with racialised communities to bring about genuine structural change to end racial inequality

ROTA’s role is to drive for structural change by using evidence and research. The evidence comes from working collaboratively with impacted communities and the organisations that support them. We believe communities impacted by racism, and the organisations which serve them, already know how best we can create anti-racist policies and practices. ROTA works with these groups and uses its lobbying and communications expertise to enable communities to exercise their power.

We abide by the principal of ‘nothing about us without us’.


Our Priorities

ROTA works to challenge racism in all of its forms and in all of the areas it appears. We have identified six priority areas of British life where structural racism has the largest impact. The areas we have identified are:

  • Housing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Employment
  • Criminal Justice