CRÈME Media training workshop - Raising the local profile of your organisation

In the post-COVID world, businesses have closed, people have lost their jobs, and charities are struggling to survive.  Will these smaller charities survive the lockdown, and will they still be solvent when the lockdown finally ends?

At this critical time, it is vital for organisations to raise their profile and create fresh income streams. This media training workshop will focus on how to raise the visibility of your organisation – even if you are not currently doing much in the way of service delivery!

So how do you raise your visibility? In two ways – on-line and I.R.L. (in real life). This training will deal with both.

This workshop will show you:

  • how to connect on-line with organisations and people you haven’t even met.
  • how to get local media like newspapers and radio stations to promote your organisation without having to pay for an advert.

CRÈME is a three-year project to work with small race equality organisations in London to help them better engage with the media.

This workshop is free to join and will take place on-line on Wednesday 3rd June from at 3 till 4:30pm using ZOOM. 

Register your interest and we will email you joining instructions nearer the time.