Conference 28th March Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 20 years on

The John Grieve Centre at Londonmet would like to invite you to participate in a free, one-day participative conference to reflect with us on the progress made on police-community relationships and countering hate crime, in the 20 years since the publication of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report.

We have eminent speakers - including Stephen Lawrence's father Neville Lawrence, and the police Commissioner Cressida Dick, and the Deputy Mayor for Communities Debbie Weekes-Bernard, but also representatives of key community groups such as StopWatch, CST, BTEG, TellMamma, Travellers.....

And the JGC particularly wants a large representation of people from BAME communities and their organisations to participate as delegates, through their laptops throughout the day to provide their thoughts and suggestions on the best way forward

Date: 28 March 2019;

venue: London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road, London N7

NOTE: This invitation is ONLY open to London based organisations.