Lorraine Dongo

Born in Zimbabwe, Lorraine is a dynamic woman with 15 years experience in the charity / non governmental sector at local and international level. Her focus continues to be on social justice, democracy, environmental and sustainable development, specialising on work linking social, economic, environment and political issues. She has extensive knowledge and skills of involving a wide range of (often marginalised) people in community work, policy making and of generating partnership working between statutory, voluntary and, on occasion, private sector bodies.

Lorraine is currently doing her PhD studies at the University of East Anglia (UEA) focusing on climate change and international development. Prior to that, she worked as the Consortium Manager at the Women's Health and Equality Consortium, as a Community Cohesion and Development Officer at London Civic Forum and as a Development Officer at Nehanda Black Women's Organisation.

Her current volunteering jobs include being a Consultant of Global Corridors, Chair of Sizanani Africa, a board member of African Women's Welfare Association a founder member of Africa Hub. She used to be a subgroup member of Humanity Equality and Rights (HEAR) and member of London Week of Peace Strategic Group.

Her work reflects a passionate, conversant and continued commitment to encouraging community involvement and engagement promoting social and environmental justice.

Lorraine has a BSc in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe, a Masters Degree in Arts in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University in Massachusetts, another MSc in Climate Change and International Development from UEA where she is currently doing her PhD. Outside of her work and volunteering she relaxes playing tennis, the cinema, reading, and occasionally travelling. She is a proud mother of two boys.


Professional affiliation: Women's Health and Equality Consortium