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ROTA (September 2019) Mind the Gap: Choice, opportunity and access to Higher Education for UK-domiciled BAME students

Mind the Gap: Choice, Opportunity and Access in Higher Education for UK-Domiciled BAME students. A commentary on the Augar Review.

The Augar Review of Post-18 Education and Funding was published in May 2019. ROTA considered the Report in terms of how its recommendations may influence BAME students’ and prospective students’ decisions to apply to university and their choice of course. Our views are presented HERE.

Hardly Hard to Reach (June 2019): The Case for Refugee-Led Mental Health Services Summary and Recommendations

Active Lives, Healthy Minds is a three year (June 2016-2019) refugee-led mental health and wellbeing project in West London run by Race on the Agenda (ROTA) in partnership with Account Trust (Nepali community organisation), Network of Eritrean Women UK, Qoys Daryeel – Family Care (Somali community organisation), the Tamil Community Centre and Ilays. The project is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and aims to improve mental health

Active Lives, Healthy Minds - End of project report (June 2019) Hardly Hard to Reach Towards Refugee-Led Mental Health Provision

Hardly Hard to Reach Towards Refugee-Led Mental Health Provision

Through our partner organisations, the project worked with people from a refugee or migrant background. When it comes to addressing the mental health support needs, members of refugee communities often face three-fold challenges: Firstly, many refugees and migrants experienced adversity including loss, trauma in the country of origin and arduous journeys that have left their imprint on their physical and mental health status.

ROTA and EHRC (March 2019) Following Grenfell: Grenfell residents’ access to public services and support

Following Grenfell: Grenfell residents’ access to public services and support

Race on the Agenda has carried out research, in partnership with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), to look at the human rights and equality dimensions of the Grenfell fire tragedy in June 2017. The purpose of the research has been to determine if the State is fulfilling its duties under human rights and equality law.

This report presents the lived experience of people who were affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower.  It shows the difficulties they have faced in accessing advice and support services such as housing, immigration, welfare support and healthcare.

ROTA (November 2018) Brexit for BAME Britain: Investigating the impact

Brexit for BAME Britain: Investigating the impack

Findings from ROTA’s briefing with Rabia Mirza and Dr Irum Shehreen Ali finds the overall impact of Brexit on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities will be negative, both economically and for community relations if the government does not change track. Using the data and projections available we find that BAME communities are in a triple bind: socioeconomically worse off than their white counterparts; blamed for economic insecurity and ‘cultural change’; and, as a result, the main targets of hate crime as visible minorities.

ROTA (January 2017) Where are the BAME Trustees?


Preliminary findings from ROTA suggest that BAME people are among the least-represented group as Trustees of charities, in the UK.  The Boards of many mainstream voluntary sector organisations have few or no BAME trustees. Although the charities in our survey were aware of the need to increase diversity amongst their trustees, there was little evidence that positive steps were being taken to address this issue.

Learn more about the reasons why this may be happening, and what ROTA hopes to do to improve the level of BAME representation in our report


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