Where they exist and are supported adequately, BAME infrastructure can provide channels for the specific needs of London's BAME population to be recognised at different levels (local, sub-regional regional) and consequently for these needs and interests to be taken forward at the policy level.

The picture of the state of BAME infrastructure across London is rapidly changing with a slow emergence across some boroughs of BAME forums, led by local authorities or mainstream community and voluntary sector body. The picture is not clear and there is also inconsistency in the development of BAME infrastructure and low awareness of their value.

The Importance of BAME Infrastructure

MiNet have been working to raise the profile of London's BAME infrastructure and raise awareness of the environment in which they must survive. This included:

  • MiNet Policy Briefing on sub-regional BAME infrastructure.
    Read the briefing here.
  • Partnership event attracting over 250 people
  • Single ethnicity discussion group
  • MiNet response to the Proposal's for the Mayor's Economic Development Strategy
    Read the response here.
  • MiNet response London Councils consultation
  • MiNet Position Paper on BAMER Policy and Voice.
    Read the position paper here.

Partnership Event

Influencing Change: Public, Private and Voluntary Sector Relations – The BAME Perspective!

On 9th February 2010, MiNet, in partnership with Black, Neighbourhood, Regeneration and Renewal Network (BNRRN) and Islington BME Forum, will be jointly holding an event to bring together public, private and third sector agencies to formulate strategies for increased collaborative working. A platform will be provided to encourage greater understanding of the role the BAME third sector can play as a partner to improve and help deliver agenda's locally. This timely event will provide an opportunity for people working across areas of health, community safety, housing, education and social and well-being and the environment, to discuss and produce models of effective engagement to be shared more widely across London.

Speaker at eventPresentation at eventEvent speakers

The work carried out and the role of the BAME third sector is very often misunderstood. This event seeks to offer a foreground for honest dialogue and to improve understanding about how BAME organisations can work with public sector agents locally towards common objectives. The event will provide interactive workshops for groups to discuss how they can be involved in delivering policy driven initiatives at a local level and put forward questions to key statutory bodies. From the event MiNet will extract best practice and share this more widely across London and with key decisions makers.


On 17th May, MiNet brought together a number of single ethnicity groups to look at some of the issues presently being faced by these organizations. The meeting offered an opportunity for brokerage and highlighted a range of key concerns for these groups. MiNet is presently discussing with partners how this work can be taken forward to improve the working environment for these groups.

If you would like further information please contact MiNet's coordinator Anthony Salla.