AVOCADO+ Accelerator Programme

What matters most to the non-profit is having a well organised operation that can respond to contingencies when they hit.

Money4YOU's centrepiece programme for Non-Profits, the AVOCADO+ Accelerator Programme is demonstrably effective in this way, with a clear ambition supported by a set of pre-defined and concrete actions.

A powerful programme that reminds us why good instruction matters.

Specifically, the programme focuses on delivering operational efficiencies and funding successes within Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic and Refugee Charities and Social Enterprises.

This programme is designed to improve the Sustainability, Fundraising Capabilities and Leadership Potential of Charities and Social Enterprises. The self-improving programme was founded in 2016 following the very successful Avocado pilot project launch.

Our experience over the last four years, along with overwhelming supporting evidence, demonstrates that these enterprises benefit significantly from ‘intense capacity building support’ if they are ever to maximise their potential as a group.

The programme helps qualifying groups to move fitfully on to the next stage of their development, equipping them with the tools and the confidences they need to survive and thrive. In short, we tap and extend their potential.
The complete programme offers a broad mix of training, governance, finance, coaching and income diversification interventions.

The programme has the virtue of making the complex appear simple, by boiling down complications into individual stories told by consultants with whom you can relate.

By the end of the programme, we expect groups to have increased their effectiveness, their potential impact on beneficiaries and their confidence levels about fund-raising.

Enrollment for the 2020/21 AVOCADO+ Accelerator Programme has now closed.  View more information on the programme and upcoming bootcamps and other events HERE.


The AVOCADO+ UK Accelerator programme is a collaboration between ROTA, MONEY4YOU and BLACK FUNDRAISERS UK (BFUK).