ROTA is working with Agenda Alliance to raise awareness of suspensions and exclusions that disproportionately affect girls from Black Caribbean, Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller communities.

We are concerned that these girls are being unfairly punished by a system in which suspension and exclusion can be over-used to fix perceived social, emotional and educational issues inside and outside the classroom. The fact that suspensions from school can increase the likelihood of long-term school refusals is particularly relevant in the context of the government’s drive to improve school attendance and reduce absenteeism.

The danger is that cracking down on absenteeism, if not implemented appropriately will punish girls from minority backgrounds. This must be taken into account by government to make sure this does not happen.

ROTA has long been concerned about exclusions from school which disproportionately affect young people from Black and Global Majority and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. Our research in this area is ongoing.

Our report can be accessed here. We continue to gather and welcome feedback on this issue.

For more information on our Education work, contact Eleanor Stokes, Education Policy Researcher.