Can you help ROTA with our new research project  about the student experience of Higher Education. This research will explore the reasons why some UK-domiciled Black  Asian and other ethnic minority students have considered withdrawing or have previously withdrawn from their university courses.   

We would like to hear about your experiences in Higher Education, and what influenced your decision to leave or consider leaving.

Taking part in this study will help us to understand what support can be provided to allow students to continue their studies.  In your view, could academic support be improved? Is there a need for better access to financial help? Do student welfare services cater for students from different backgrounds and cultures? Could universities improve their equality and anti-discrimination measures?  Are the student networks ethnically diverse and are they responsive to requests for support from students of Black, Asian and other ethnic minority backgrounds? 

If you or someone you know would be interested in participating, please complete a short survey below.

NB: Please note that any information submitted will not be shared outside of ROTA, and will remain confidential.