We at ROTA are proud to support Art & Co. – the world’s largest online auction to raise funds to help those affected by the coronavirus contagion, run out of London. The auction closes on June 27, 7pm.

42 artists have joined seven charities to fight the seen and unseen effects of the coronavirus: domestic violence, illnesses and mental health.
If you care. Be there.

Grab the Monet and Let's Gogh at

See some of the paintings from the amazing artist Sola Olulode.


See more at

Funds raised from the auctions will go to six charities, including Race one the Agenda, and more than 30 contributing freelance artists.  Art & Co. have 247 pieces of art (representing 24/7 viral attack worldwide) and grouped into 13 lots of 19.


Art&Co. presents live video sessions to discuss the five D’s of the Covid-19 virus: Disease, Death, Depression, Domestic Violence and Disproportionality for ethnic minorities.

Watch the LIVE Keynote Discussion: Artspotting for Covid Relief 


ROTA would like to thank all the artists involved and Art & Co. for supporting our work and kind donation.