Patient surveys in England have shown that cancer patients from ethnic minority backgrounds tend to have different experiences to White British patients when receiving cancer care support. For example, some ethnic minority groups are less likely to report being treated with respect and dignity in hospital or receiving support from GPs and nurses.

brap, an equality charity based in Birmingham ( is undertaking a project on behalf of NHS England to better understand the experience of cancer patients from ethnic minority backgrounds in order to help the NHS to improve the way it approaches care in the future.


We would like to meet and speak with ethnic minority patients and carers who wish to share their experiences of their cancer journey. We will be visiting three parts of England to do this (Birmingham, London and Nottinghamshire) and we will be working with local community groups to find out more about issues people are experiencing. The project will run between June and September 2018. We will be speaking to patients and carers. We will also be offering the opportunity for people’s experiences to be recorded or even shared on film if they feel comfortable to share their views in this way. In October and November 2018, we will producing a report and sharing the views of people by audio and film to help raise awareness of the experiences of ethnic minority patients and carers.


We would really like to hear from you if you are a cancer patient from an ethnic minority background or their carer. You can get in touch via the contact details below. We will be very happy to tell you more about the project and we can also discuss the best way to meet and speak with you. We will be able to cover local travel expenses to help you participate in interviews if required.

If you work for a community group or organisation that supports people from ethnic minority backgrounds and would like to get involved with this work we would really love to hear from you.

To set up an interview or discuss the project in more detail with us please get in touch with Rahela Hussain via email on or Asif Afridi on Or you can telephone 0121 272 8450.