The devastating fire at Grenfell Tower has cost at least 80 lives, destroyed livelihoods and traumatised survivors. It has exposed the stark inequality in housing provision in Britain, with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups and migrants bearing the brunt of this injustice. Holding those responsible to account is vital.

ROTA has convened an informal group of voluntary sector organisations, concerned residents and representatives of residents association in the immediate vicinity of Grenfell Tower, lawyers and academics to submit a joint-response to the public inquiry.

We made clear that all causes of the fire must be identified including direct and indirect impact of housing and regulatory policies and practices. As a result of these policies and practice, BAMER people have been disproportionately affected. The inquiry must include prominently the voices and concerns of survivors and experts that have supported them. We suggest that an expert panel that has the trust and legitimacy of survivors be put in place to assist the Chair. This will ensure the wider contextual concerns and potentially discriminatory practices are investigated. A similar approach was adopted in the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, resulting in a report which identified systemic failures and positive recommendations of lasting value.

Read the full consultation response HERE.