On 21st April 2017 ROTA was back in Birmingham for a seminar on BAME employment in the West Midlands. With Black people three times more likely to be unemployed in Birmingham than White British people, the seminar focused on the barriers and solutions to unequal employment outcomes. Co-hosted with local equality think tank BRAP, the audience put the panelists through their paces.

Guest speakers:

  1. Professor Monder Ram OBE, Director of Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship, University of Birmingham
  2. Sally Bromley and Lawrence Cooke, Resourcing Consultants, Severn Trent
  3. Joy Warmington, CEO, BRAP

Key takeaways:

  • More support and recognition for BAME entrepreneurs who contribute 14% SME job creation in Britain and migrants start 1 in 7 companies
  • When crafting business support initiatives, policymakers should consider BAME businesses needs.
  • It should be recognised that experiencing discrimination and unconscious bias has an immeasurable impact on the mental health of BAME people.
  • It is vital that there are spaces for BAME groups to discuss the barriers they face in the job market and receive support. 
  • Companies should consider strengths-based interviews that examine potential, levelling out the playing field for candidates from all backgrounds.
  • Recruit outside of Russell Group universities alone – BAME groups less represented at these institutions.
  • For apprenticeships and work experience schemes, use OFSTED data to recruit in schools with pupils from BAME backgrounds and on free school meals (FSM).

See the full event brief HERE.