Make your voice heard to stop Immigration Bill creating a "hostile environment" for immigrants and all people of colour.

Please click on the link below to lobby a member of the House of Lords over the Immigration Bill:

This page will randomly generate one of several Peers we have identified as those to be lobbied to vote for progressive amendments as the Immigration Bill passes through the Lords.

By pressing the "resent" button you can randomly generate another Lord or Baroness.

Voice4Change have entered a model lobbying email in the text box, but please feel free to adapt and personalise this.

Please always be polite and respectful!

All you need to do is enter your name and email in the boxes provided, tick the box that says "I agree the Immigration Bill is unduly harsh and wish to see it improved" and click SUBMIT.

The aim of this lobbying exercise is to encourage Peers to vote for amendments that lessen the negative impact of the Immigration Bill on: Rights of Appeal; the 'health levy'; and the landlords immigration status checks.

If you would like more information or detail on the amendments please email: