Tamil Community Centre/Tamil Oral History Project Refugee Week programme announced

In 1958 the Tamil oral history project’s (TOHP) first UK story began with an unlikely journey from Colombo to Notting Hill. In a twist of irony, riots in these two capital cities were the (dis)order of the day, bridging the experiences of minority ethnic communities across continents and oceans. 

Almost fifty-five years later, Tamil-speaking people are still making the long journey from Sri Lanka to the UK. Between 18 and 24 June 2012, Refugee Week will celebrate the stories of refugees in the UK for whom home became a difficult place to remain.

The Tamil Community Centre and TOHP are marking the occasion with a programme of events, starting with a TCC-hosted Refugee Week launch celebration tonight, 18 June, in Hounslow at 5:00pm.

On Saturday 23 June, over fifteen Tamil Community Centre young people will then convene for day two of a TOHP/Migrante Project photography workshop, participating in training on how to take photographs that we feel best represent our world and how we see it.

For more details, contact Ryan@rota.org.uk.