Starting in November 2008, ROTA carried out research through the network of MiNet to look at the impact of the recession on London's BAME Third Sector and London's BAME population. The research showed that the recession as a phenomenon has had a specific impact on London's BAME third sector largely attributed to vast majority of BAME organisations across London being small and locally based, with very few being medium sized. These organisations have very little capacity, have not had the same amount of time to develop as mainstream organisations and do not have the same financial resources to fall back on or political influence. Such limited capacity means they are not in a position to advocate on their own behalf. Additionally, from a business perspective small BAME groups will not have the same capital assets as many mainstream Third Sector organisations, and will therefore struggle and risk loosing skilled staff during the recession period.

MiNet has been working to ensure national and regional bodies are aware of the varied and specific ways the recession is impacting on London's BAME sector and share evidence based research and best practice with decisions-makers and funders. You can read MiNet's recession report summary HERE. Please conatct MiNet for a copy of the full report.