The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011 came into force on Saturday 10 September, after debates in the House of Commons on 11 July and the House of Lords on 6 September.

It is the aim of the specific duties to promote better performance of the Equality Duty by requiring public bodies to publish (1) equality objectives, at least every four years (by April 2012) and; (2) information to demonstrate their compliance with the Equality Duty, at least annually (by 31 January 2012 and April 2012 for schools).

The specific duties have been implemented to help to ensure that public bodies are transparent about how they are complying with the Equality Duty and accountable to the people and communities they serve. Further details about the Equality Duty and Specific Duties are available on the Home Office website. Follow ROTA's work on the Equality Act here.