Press Release: 2 September 2009

From 1st October 2009, HEAR, London's pan-equality third sector network, will no longer be hosted by Race on the Agenda (ROTA).

Despite HEAR's increased reputation and impact, the network has been unable to secure long term funding. Dr. Theo Gavrielides, ROTA's Chief Executive said: "We are very sorry to no longer host HEAR. It was a very difficult decision for the Board. Last year, ROTA subsidised HEAR, but this year we were left with no other option, but to discontinue the network".

ROTA continues to host MiNet, London's second tier network of Black, Asian and minority ethnic organisations. It is expected that where appropriate the work of HEAR will be taken forward by MiNet.

Paul Dunn, Co-Chair of EREN (the English Regions Equality Network) said: "It is a great shame when we face such large levels of unemployment for Black people, disabled people and older people, for example, that this important organisation, HEAR, is being allowed to die. With an Equality Bill being debated in parliament right now, it is shocking that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, and the government, are prepared to allow this invaluable organisation for Londoners to perish".

ROTA has hosted HEAR since 2005 when it was first set up as the equalities and human rights sub-group of the London Regional Consortium of ChangeUp, a funding stream for voluntary and community support organisations.

For more information, please contact Theo Gavrielides, by emailing or 020 7902 1966.