Jeremy Corbyn MP on Labour’s vision for Race Equality - 18 March 2017

Watch Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn deliver his race equality and multiculturalism speech. He was speaking on 18th March 2017 in Birmingham Council House, at an event jointly hosted with the Runnymede Trust.


Read the full speach HERE.

This was the second in a leaders series, following Lib Dem leader Tim Farron. We aim to provide a platform for other party leaders to talk about their vision for race equality in due course.

Employment Rights Post Brexit: What are they and how do we enforce them?

28 March 2017
Islington, London
10:00 - 4:30


What are our employment rights and how much of it is underpinned by EU law?  How do we prevent the erosion of employment rights post Brexit?  With the introduction of tribunal fees and cuts to legal aid how do we enforce our rights?

This conference is aimed at voluntary and community sector organisations working with BAMER people.  It is an opportunity to explore ways of collaborating, to ensure BAMER people are aware of their rights and have access to legal advice and representation.

Somali Mental Health Day Conference

Raising Awareness and Developing Interventions that Improve Outcomes

Mon 27 March 2017
09:30 – 17:00

Brent Civic Centre, Conference Hall
Engineers Way, Wembley HA9 0FJ

The one day conference will focus on raising awareness and developing interventions that improve outcomes for Somalis and their families who are experiencing mental illness. 

For more information and to register our attendance, please click HERE.

Evaluation survey of the Equality Law Project

As part of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s initiative to identify effective approaches to tackling prejudice and unlawful behaviour, ROTA has requested an independent evaluation of the Equality Law Project. This evaluation which is conducted in partnership by the Runnymede Trust and Greenwich University, will enable us to demonstrate and evidence the value of the training and support we provide in using the Equality Act 2010.

ROTA (January 2017) Where are the BAME Trustees? Under-Representation of BAME people on the Boards of Charities in the UK: Pilot Study Report

Preliminary findings from ROTA suggest that BAME people are among the least-represented group as Trustees of charities, in the UK.  The Boards of many mainstream voluntary sector organisations have few or no BAME trustees. Although the charities in our survey were aware of the need to increase diversity amongst their trustees, there was little evidence that positive steps were being taken to address this issue.

Learn more about the reasons why this may be happening, and what ROTA hopes to do to improve the level of BAME representation in our report HERE.


Social integration report: more questions than answers - blog by Kimberly McIntosh, ROTA Policy Officer

Read our blog: Social integration report: more questions than answers by Kimberly McIntosh, ROTA Policy Officer.

"Last week, the APPG on Social Integration led by Chukka Umunna MP, released its interim report, centred on 6 principles.  Some of the recommendations are welcome, but it left us with more....... continue >>>


Redefining Narratives on Integration - blog by Hanna Stephens, ROTA Volunteer

Read our blog: The Importance of an Intersectional Approach in Social Research by Hanna Stephens, ROTA Volunteer.

"ROTA has for many years been concerned about how to improve the life chances of black and minority ethnic populations in the process of settlement and adaptation into British society and how that society also adapts to....... continue >>>

Researchers reveal that diversity is good for your health - Blog by ROTA CEO, Andy Gregg

Read the latest blog “Researchers reveal that diversity is good for your health“ by Andy Gregg, ROTA Chief Executive.

It has become a commonplace idea that the more ethnic diversity there is in a society the more conflict and ill-feeling there is. Difference and diversity are seen as negative and dangerous rather than as positive and engaging. Actually this assumption is highly questionable, but of course the ...........continue >>>

Mad World - Guest blog by Hanna Stephens, ROTA Volunteer

Read our latest blog: Mad World by Hanna Stephens, ROTA Volunteer

A quick Google search defines mental illness broadly as, ‘a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behaviour or thinking.’ When we live in a context where a “serious disorder” is often attached to acting and speaking out about racism rather than being racist, we must be critical about our own understandings of mental health and how they have been constructed by those with power.

In 1851, American physician Samuel Cartwright diagnosed black slaves who ........continue>>>


We hoped to see more black lives on our screens. Our hopes were dashed - by Patrick Vernon

There is no shortage of programmes depicting the black experience. The BBC has its Black and British season, surveying our past and present from a variety of angles. Eagerly awaited is Steve McQueen’s planned epic chronicling the lives of an intergenerational black British family. But it isn’t always so.  Read the full article here.


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