Race on the Agenda: Supplement 30 (Spring 2007) Special Edition - Homelessness, Working in Partnership

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Homelessness: Working in Partnership


  1. Editorial
    Dr Theo Gavrielides, Head of Policy, ROTA
  2. The Homeless Community Speaking for themselves
    Habiba Nabatu, Equal Contract Manager, OSW
  3. Day Centres: Meeting the Challenge of London's New Communities
    Alan Docherty, Assessment and Advice Manager, Passage Day Centre
  4. Homelessness: A Gendered Account
    John-Paul Wares, Policy and Strategy Adviser, Crisis
  5. Volunteering: A Route out of Social Exclusion for Homeless People
    Kate Bowgett, Volunteer Development Manager, OSW
  6. Barriers and Solutions to Employment
    Linda Butcher, Chief Executive, OSW
  7. The Homelessness Community and Employment: Does it Work?
    Michael Fothergill, Policy and Communications Officer, OSW
  8. Towards the Mayor's Housing Strategy Tackling Worklessness
    Jon Williams, LOREDA Project Co-ordinator, OSW
  9. Homelessness in Hungary: Lessons from Abroad
    Feher Boroka, Equal Programme Manager, Hungary
  10. Access to Employment - An Employer Perspective
    Bill Williams, Workspace Programme Manager, The Connection at St. Martin's
  11. The Invisible Dimensions of London's BAME Homeless Individuals
    Dr Theo Gavrielides, Head of Policy, ROTA and Eshe Petinaud Allen Equal Project Manager, ROTA


The Homeless Community - Speaking for themselves

Habiba Nabatu, Equal Contract Manager - OSW

Background - The Empowerment and Innovation Fund

The Empowerment and Innovation Fund was set up by Off the Streets and into Work (OSW), using funding from the European Social Fund under the Equal Community Initiative Programme, to provide support to organisations to set up innovative projects led, shaped or influenced by homeless people, to improve their employability. Projects created through the Empowerment and Innovation Fund had to fit the criteria of strengthening the sustainability of self-employment, volunteering or social enterprise, and had to present a new methodology or way of working, which was neither a replica nor a continuation...


The Invisible Dimensions of London's BAME Homeless Individuals

Dr Theo Gavrielides and Eshe Petinaud Allen, ROTA

The 2003 Mid Year Estimates (MYE) showed that 7,387,900 people are living in London, with more than 3 million belonging to Black Asian minority ethnic (BAME) groups. It is estimated that over the next ten years, BAME communities will account for 80% of the increase in London's working age population. The rate of homelessness in London is twice as high as the rest of England with over 50,000 homeless households.

There is evidence that people from BAME groups disproportionately face various housing problems and the spectre of homelessness. In addition, research shows...


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