Let’s Talk About Racism

The increase in racist and xenophobic attacks post Brexit created a public outcry and highlighted the fact that racism is still an issue in modern Britain.  This came as no surprise for many Black and Minority Ethnic workers (BME) who have experienced or live in fear of being subjected to racism.

In many workplaces employers believe that their diversity policies have removed everyday racism out of the workplace and therefore racism isno longer a problem. So instead workers suffer in silence and do not speak up.

If they complain any discussion of what is happening is covered up in talk of confidentiality. If their employer is prepared to settle a complaint a gagging clause must be signed to make sure that the details about the discrimination is never discussed in the workplace.

However the reality is that workplace racism is alive and well.  The stories of racism that we hear from BME trade union members are depressingly familiar.

  • Members find themselves being disciplined because suddenly after years of service it’s decided that the way they do their job isn’t up to the standard required.
  • Members discover that the course they couldn’t go on because there was no money has been granted to white workers.
  • Members watch as workers they have trained are being promoted above them. Whilst you were told you did a good interview but……
  • Members who were good enough to do the job on a temporary basis but when it came to the full time job somehow didn’t have the experience orgood enough qualifications to get the job on a permanent basis.

The TUC have launched an online survey to give workers an opportunity to talk about the racial discrimination and harassment that they have experienced or witnessed in the workplace. The survey is open to anyone who wants to tell their story whether you are a member of a union or not a member we want to hear from you.

The survey will run until 27 February 2017 and has been designed to expose the everyday reality of racism faced by many BME workers.  We believe thatan important step to tackling racism at work is by exposing what is going on and acknowledging the experiences that people deal with every day.  

The short surveycan be accessed at http://bit.ly/racismatwork

All the answers you provide will remain completely confidential and anonymous. 



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