Equality Law Projects

The Equality Law Project aims to support frontline organisations to understand and use the Equality Act 2010.  It will do so by:

  • Supporting frontline organisations to comply with equality law; and
  • Supporting frontline organisations to hold public authorities to account under equality law (health, education and criminal justice).

The Equality Act 2010 is the most fundamental overhaul of UK antidiscrimination and equality law.  Its two main purposes are to 1) harmonise discrimination law and 2) strengthen the law to support progress on equality.  The Equality Act has significant implications for frontline organisations and statutory bodies working within the voluntary and community sector.

The Act has come at a time when localism and Big Society agenda require citizens to be ‘active’ in influencing and shaping local priorities and services.  In order to effectively represent and provide services to black, minority ethnic & refugee (BME&R) populations within this political context, frontline organisations must have a better understanding of the rights and opportunities as well as the obligations under the Equality Act.

Over the next two years the project will deliver training to 300 frontline organisations on the Equality Act, including holding public authorities to account under the Public Sector Equality Duty; gather statistics on race equality in the service areas of health, education, and criminal justice; develop FAQ pages; and support frontline organisations to hold public authorities to account in service delivery and the commissioning of services for BME&R populations.

Follow us on our website and on twitter for updates on upcoming events / training; law and policy and to learn from each other’s experience.

For further information please contact Ayah Omar - Project Officer or Poornima Karunacadacharan - Senior Policy Officer.



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