Dr Karim Murji

My main reason for wishing to be a ROTA trustee is the critical climate we once again find ourselves in around race equality in London and the UK. The current debate over the public sector equality duty is one instance of a wider and worrying picture where race is either slipping or being pushed off the agenda. At this time the need for an active third sector is needed more than ever.  By joining ROTA’s board, I want to contribute to its efforts to raise the status of race equality issues and campaigns.

I come to this role with an extensive academic track record working on policing, and race and racism. As well as that, I have held several public service roles in these areas, including with ROTA’s Transformative Justice Forum where I contributed to the ROTA publication, Trust and Confidence in the criminal justice system. I hope to offer my skills and qualities by building on and combining my academic expertise and previous experience. Through these roles I have wide knowledge of the situation of BAME communities in London and nationally, including the changing dynamics of ethnicity and racism.

I am keen to see ROTA build its profile to make a dynamic and powerful contribution to race equality debate and policy in London and beyond.


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